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reports that Hogan's lawyer, David Houston, noticed a change in Hogan's demeanor since the sex tape was published."The Terry Bollea [Hogan] that I met was a confident, outgoing person that quite frankly believed in his message, and after the video, I know that he portrays the same persona, but you can tell it's not as strong—there's that self-doubt," said Houston.In July 2015, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) terminated their contract with Hogan when audio leaked from one of the sex tapes, featuring the former wrestler using racial slurs.WWE didn't just end their professional relationship with Hogan going forward, they even erased all traces of him from their Hall of Fame, official website, and merchandise shop, which probably cost him a pretty penny.Then Nick has another girl who is even hotter in Orlando.

He began watching professional events at 16 years old.

Learn about your personality, why you experience the world the way you do, why you are good at some things and bad at others, and how other people are likely to see you.

Hogan X explores new approaches to understanding people and personality.

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