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28-Dec-2019 15:13

I cancelled the services and returned all equipment.

I was paying for the services but not receiving the services at my address.Is this why my printer is not working am I supposed to connect to Infinity or what?? Charleston, SC 29418 Reply I have been a Comcast customer for years.Also when I was at Comcast Center the woman who was helping me her name Imari was very rude while she working with me to connect the problem she was on the phone working on my problem, she hung up the phone was not finished as yet and right in front of me took another ladies payment and posted it, and I asked her what she was doing as she was supposed to be helping me, she said multitasking I told her that was rude while she was helping me I told her to get a supervisor that is when Terry Wright helped me. I do not understand why I cannot get my phone number back I am ready to call my attorney and start proceedings against Comcast I have never dealt with something like this in my life. Although the service had never been the greatest, Comcast was the only provider in my rural community at the time.When I called for a final bill, I was told that my account is in collections and I was made aware that there was an early termination fee.