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However, after helping one of his neighbors, Mike's life is tragically ended when he is shot by a loan shark.Mike soon began to date a girl named Deirdre Taylor, a drug addict whom he loved very much. A rogue cop once tried to rape Deirdre, but Mike defended her by throwing the cop off the balcony by killing him.The series aired on VH1 and is set in Scottsdale, Arizona, which is primarily home to baseball's spring training of the Cactus League.It was confirmed by Baseball Wives cast member Jordana Lenz that the show had been canceled.Adele Delfino - Mother Nick Delfino - Father Amy Delfino - Late Wife Susan Delfino - Widow Zach Young - Son MJ Delfino - Son Julie Mayer - Stepdaughter Sophie Scavo - Step-Granddaughter Laura Delfino - Sister Maynard - Grandfather James Delfino - Grandfather Sophie Bremmer - Mother-in-Law Addison Prudy - Father-in-Law Morty Flickman - Stepfather-in-Law Carol Prudy - Stepmother-in-Law Unnamed Half Siblings-in-Laws Katherine Mayfair - Ex-Fiancée Some of you, as you came by to hug me today, you said that he's in a better place. He is in a diner eating cheeseburgers with his family. And he's watching football with his son, yelling like a maniac..., Mike moves to 4356 Wisteria Lane from Los Angeles shortly before Mary Alice's suicide in 2004, and one year after his late wife, Amy's death.

They introduce one another and he tells her that he just started renting the Simms's house, and works as a plumber. Huber told him that she was a children books' illustrator, which she confirmed.Deidre was at one time in a relationship with Mike, but he left her and married another woman.Deidre later found out she was pregnant with his baby, but gave birth without ever telling Mike about their son.Julie Mayer (Susan's daughter), notices them flirting at Mary Alice's wake, so the morning after she "accidentally" kicks her soccer ball into Mike's backyard, trying to get information about him for her mother.