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30-Jan-2020 22:20

Initially no marriage is contracted to be dissolved but in unfortunate circumstances the matrimonial contract is broken.One of the ways of such dissolution is by way of divorce .The Shias recognize only the express and the delegated forms of talaaq.1) Capacity: Every Muslim husband of sound mind, who has attained the age of puberty, is competent to pronounce talaaq.In other words talaaq is repudiation of marriage by the husband in accordance with the procedure laid down by the law.The following verse is in support of the husbands authority to pronounce unilateral divorce is often cited: Men are maintainers of women, because Allah has made some of them to excel others and because they spend out of their property (on their maintenance and dower) .

In legal sense it means dissolution of marriage by husband using appropriate words.

It is not necessary for him to give any reason for his pronouncement.

A husband who is minor or of unsound mind cannot pronounce it.

The basis of divorce in Islamic law is the inability of the spouses to live together rather than any specific cause (or guilt of a party) on account of which the parties cannot live together.

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A divorce may be either by the act of the husband or by the act of the wife.

All that is necessary is that the husband should pronounce talaaq; how he does it, when he does it, or in what he does it is not very essential. Pathummal, Khalid, J., termed this as monstrosity .

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