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Better downforce doesn’t automatically increase fuel efficiency, though the right combination of countervailing aero efforts can help assure that it doesn’t reduce fuel economy gains made elsewhere.

The 2018 Ford Mustang GT’s optional automatic transmission is a new 10-speed unit, replacing a six-speed, and makes the largest fuel economy gain among iterations of the model, at 5.6-percent.

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The arithmetic mean of the city and highway measurements in gallons per mile corresponds precisely to the harmonic mean of the city and highway measurements in miles per gallon, giving the formula in the problem statement.“We were going for a ‘confident’ feel.”Ford began work on the facelift by the time the 2015 Mustang went on sale in late 2014.The task was to maintain or improve the 2015-17 Ford Mustang’s handling confidence while improving aerodynamics as part of a fuel efficiency increase to help the automaker reach corporate average fuel economy (CAFE) requirements.$$ The primary purpose of this problem is to rewrite simple rational expressions in different forms to exhibit different aspects of the expression, in the context of a relevant real-world context (the fuel efficiency of of a car).

The given form of the combined fuel economy computation is useful for direct calculation, but is not particularly helpful if you need an approximation.

But after Del Zio tested the facelifted car with the new hood, Ford had to rework the lower fascia and front splitter to regain that “confident” feel.