Incel dating

30-Sep-2019 12:39

Men who are still virgins past a certain age are seen as deficient or unmanly.

Finding others who feel the way that you do is empowering. Like many groups, the incel community was formed under the idea of mutual support and understanding.

Women, according to incels, are the sexual gatekeepers.

Women – in incels’ view – never have any problem getting laid.

The difference between incels and Chads is, in the incel philosophy, bone deep… Incels have a long list of features and deficiencies that dictate whether someone is a Chad or an incel.

But while many incels see themselves as doomed, genetically, their true resentment is held for women.

No PUA guru could have saved Alek Minnasian’s victims by teaching Minnasian how to “sarge”, any more than they could have stopped Elliot Roger by taking him out to the bars.

Many more have suggested that legitimizing and de-stigmatizing sex work could help incels by providing them with an opportunity for sexual satisfaction.

However, as so many groups do, the community grew and mutated past its origins.

For women, sex is like hailing a taxi; all she has to do is hold up her hand and someone will swing by to pick her up.

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It doesn’t provide a distinction, it provides an escape path-Your complaints make you a suspected Nice Guy™! Are you “interested in the possibility that you are doing something wrong”?… continue reading »

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