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15-Feb-2020 10:29

The one thing that’s clear is that people love softcore for its aesthetic, which is generally perceived as more tasteful and sophisticated (many comment sections feature film/photo enthusiasts geeking out over the lighting and framing).Softcore porn also tends to come from individuals and collectives who self-describe as ethical and/or feminist producers who make an effort to give as much control to the performers as possible.Vex Ashley and her erotic film company Four Chambers Indie pornographer Vex Ashley’s organic, artistic films give the viewer an immersive experience; if the carefully curated visual aesthetics don’t suck you in, the tantalizing soundscapes surely will.While Four Chambers features hardcore content, the trailers and tumblr feed for the site provide a wealth of ethically filmed softcore content, often referred to as “alt” or “magical.” Vex features a diverse array of performers and producers (who co-own their content), and she seeks to create a different style of pornography — one that doesn’t slam the mainstream industry in order to lift itself up.While her archive features some hardcore scenes, she puts out plenty of softer erotica.

There are also several solo scenes and sensation play moments, which are equally as thrilling as those simulating [email protected] Allyee Whaley is seductive, wild, playful, and fights for justice, while simultaneously getting you off — she’s expertly blurring the lines between learning and lusting.

Here is Valerie's story: I was on an online dating site and began chatting with a guy.