Internet explorer 8 rss feeds not updating

28-Dec-2019 08:37

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Most standard resistors have tolerances of 5%, 10%, or 20%, and most precision resistors have tolerances of 1% or 2%.

For the majority of circuits — and in all the projects in Electronics For Kids For Dummies — it’s okay to use a standard resistor.

There are two main types of resistors: The following figure shows a diagram of the color code of a standard (four-band) resistor.

You use this color code to figure out the nominal value and tolerance of a standard resistor.

The color, gold, in the column labeled “tolerance” in the figure represents a tolerance of 5 percent.

Here’s how you use the color code to figure out the nominal value of the resistor (refer to the figure): , and so on) is to just append (meaning tack on to the end) the whole number with zeros, and use the exponent (which is the small, raised number next to the 10) to tell you how many zeros to append.

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Hi Bendaoates, If your RSS feeds are not updating properly in Internet Explorer 8 most probably in Windows Vista or Windows 7, there are couple of things you can try.… continue reading »

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