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If they can’t, they may try to remain in constant contact – calling and texting repeatedly, sending email after email and Perpetuators of this sort of behavior often don’t recognize that they’re being needy.

More often than not, they feel that they’re showing how “passionate” or “devoted” they are, not realizing that they’re being dependent and possessive.

The most immediate and obvious manifestation of needy behavior is acting “clingy”; the overly-needy party doesn’t want to spend a minute apart longer than is necessary.

They’ll strive to spend every waking moment with their partner if at all possible.

They seek validation from others – in this case, a potential romantic partner – as a way of filling the void within them.

Generally, needy behavior in relationships is an issue of perceived worth and the need for external validation.

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Needy behavior manifests in a number of ways; some are more overt, while others are surprisingly subtle and are often overlooked.Similarly, needy people may push for a relationship, getting too serious too quickly; they may want to be exclusive immediately, before they’ve even made it through the second date.They tend to be so wrapped up in the idea that their date may find someone better that they try to lock him or her down as quickly as possible.There are usually two ways that guys start becoming overly needy.

The first is that they suffer from low self-esteem and have externalized their locus of control.

But it was best to let this one go, because it probably seemed they were also being exposed to an old, crabby attack-cat. Our culture is accustomed to classrooms full of 30 kids. They are more accurately boys and girls who the educational system says can all be taught the same things by virtue of their birthdates and zip codes.

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