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19-Oct-2019 14:11

In the second half of the 1970s a growing number of Iranian students came to this country to attend American universities.Many of these students chose to remain here when revolution broke out in Iran, and many have now become permanent residents.The Iranian peoples are cousins to Americans of European descent; extremely distant cousins, but nevertheless one in origin.More than six thousand years ago the peoples now living in Europe, Iran and India spoke one common language.

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It has been the experience of the Bahá'í Community, whose 100,000 members in this country include about 7,000 Iranians, that integration takes place more rapidly and more easily when the newly-arrived refugees are not settled in areas where there is already a large ethnic Iranian community (such as Los Angeles, New York City, etc.).

The more contact the new refugees have with Americans, the more quickly they will become functioning members of the society around them.