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Abby eventually reconciles with her mother during the beginning of Season 13 as Maggie is taking medications for her disorder regularly, and Abby is grateful for her support when her son Joe is born prematurely.

Abby's father, Eddie, left the family when Abby was a child, due at least in part to Maggie's uncontrollable behavior.

Lockhart's first months in the ER prove challenging for her transitioning from OB nursing to the ER.

In that time, she sees Carter stabbed and medical student, Lucy Knight, killed by a schizophrenic patient, and also has to speak to superiors Kerry Weaver and Mark Greene about Carter's growing drug addiction.

Abby continues drinking on occasion, however, and Carter compulsively tries to "fix" her.

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She returns to her AA meetings, telling Carter she is doing it for him, and they are a couple throughout season 9.

On his return, Abby is extremely hostile towards him for leaving without explanation.

There, he meets an elderly man who teaches him some lessons about life and forgiveness, and in the Season 14 finale, Luka decides to forgive… continue reading »

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