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The jury also convicted Whorley of receiving 14 digital photographs of real children engaging in sexually explicit conduct and of sending and receiving 20 obscene E-mails which graphically described, among other things, parents sexually molesting their own children. At the time of his arrest in this case, Whorley was a registered sex offender who was convicted in March 1999, on a federal charge of receiving child pornography and was sentenced to 46 months' incarceration. ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ----- Edn of another Real Life Scenario by Car Chase City Man I have a big red button and I'm not afraid to push that big red button of wich I do not know what the big red button is for! *my house* Hmm, I wonder if I should go kill the rest with this?

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You do realise that the article states that it has been illegal since 2003, right? Either way, nobody has been convicted specifically for lolicon.

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The guy probably wouldn't have been arrested, but the fact that he had also received real child pornography meant that the lolicon only worsened his sentence.

But loli does not do this because it isn't real kids. Anyone with half a brain can see that the countries that have legalized the stuff (and made it ACCESSIBLE) have lower child sex-crime rates than do countries without it. However loli made available before said law was established is still legal for viewing in private.

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