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02-Feb-2020 22:06

Gordie, my K9 slave boy and I met one another chatting in a K9-Sex chat room. We continued chatting on a regular basis for another month before I asked Gordie if he'd be interested in moving to Spain where I lived. He and I had been using our webcams each time we chatted.

He claimed he wanted to be a K9 Slave Boy for a Hot K9 Master. Gordie was excited accepting my offer to be my K9 Slave Boy. I met him in person the following week when he arrived in Spain carrying a backpack over his left shoulder.

I chuckled when my mutt began thrusting his hips back and forth trying to fuck Gordie's mouth.

"He's a horndog, release his prick, up boy up," I said telling my dog to stand on all fours.

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He said I was HOT and a HUNK for a guy my age, 40 years old.Driving back to my place in the countryside leaving the airport I told him that we'd be lovers and he'd only be my slave boy when it came to K9 sex.Again, I asked if he'd ever fucked around with male mutts and he said no.I told him to show me his small prick on the drive back to my place. I told him to sit sideways and spread his legs before telling him to get his cock up. He knelt on the seat leaning over kissing me on the drive home.

Within seconds his little dick grew to a glorious 8 uncut inches. I told him to suck my big dick until we pulled into my place.I replied telling him he didn't know what he was missing. The day prior to his arrival I had gone into town to buy him a black leather studded dog collar.Four or five days before his arrival I went to the SPCA and ordered dog tags for him also.Would you like me to teach you how to jerk a dog's dick?

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