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Defendant-appellee-cross-appellant, Christa Johnson, cross appeals. He was previously married to Lori Riemer, from whom he was divorced in 2004. She is a chiropractor who shares ownership in her own practice, Zeller & Johnson, in Manistee. She was previously married to Eric Ross, from whom she was divorced in 2007. Plaintiff and Defendant started dating in late 2007 or early 2008.

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Moreover, the trial court found that, during her time with AJR, defendant demonstrated appropriate, one-on-one caretaking.

to p.m., and every other weekend from Friday at p.m. In its written order, the trial court ruled:“[d]efendant's request for retroactive application and mandatory child support guideline applicability is reserved; the Court will address final child support amounts or deviation therefrom, and resultant arrearages, if any, consistent with this Court's previous Order of November 8, 2011, when it issues its opinion/order after conclusion of the present evidentiary hearing.”Following approximately 19 days of trial, the trial court entered its January 31, 2014 opinion regarding custody, parenting time, child support, and attorney fees.

First, the trial court ruled that ARJ has an established custodial environment with both parents.

The trial court found that the parties' relationship continued to deteriorate after AJR's birth.

The trial court found that defendant initially allowed plaintiff parenting time on her own terms and predominately at her home.

Plaintiff's attorney stated, “I think what the Court first proposed, 1500 ordered to continue until replaced after a review by a different figure.” The trial court stated that “neither party is stuck with” the temporary support figure.