Macintosh software dating game video

17-Feb-2020 08:18

Believe or not, playing in different view modes can affect gameplay.

I tested out a few games from Steam, in both windowed (seen below) and full screen modes, getting mixed results in how well the game played.

In order to prevent issues, I should have around 18GB (15%) of memory available.

Clear up space by getting rid of rarely used applications, duplicate files, and everything in your trash.

As a rule of thumb, you should never let your your startup disk drop below 15% available storage.

Once below that threshold, your computer begins to slow down because background processes and apps that need available storage don't have that available, so they cannot work at an optimal level.

Two native OS X features that I never use are Dashboard and Notification Center.

The problem with that is that they take up processing power and RAM that could otherwise be used towards gaming.

Try out all the options possible to see which works best for you.

They offer a huge variety of devices with better equipped software and hardware for a cheaper price, and there are more available games than there are for OS X-based systems.