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This time embodied in Anthony Lane's sexist comments about her costumes in his @New Yorker review of @geminithefilm. Why have a woman be a lead character when a man could do it? PLEASE RETWEET ✊🏽 #in Our Life Time #neveragain RLBaa A5b Congrats Rosanna Mayo-Coleman, who won her case in NY Federal Court today against her employer, @Domino Sugar, after suffering years of sexual & workplace harassment. On March 24, students are leading marches in DC & across the country to demand that lawmakers do their jobs and take action to prevent gun violence.

I'm glad they're rewriting the fact that it was a female reporter who investigated Rob Ford. V7cz Ca A message to every student out there: "We have a fire so bright and students coming together uniting ignites those flames that no one can extinguish." Let's keep DEMANDING action and change.

In 2003, Tomei appeared in one of her biggest commercial hits, Anger Management.

The following year, she appeared in the film Alfie based on the 1966 British film of the same name.

In 1996, she made a guest appearance on the sitcom Seinfeld, playing herself in the two-part episode "The Cadillac".

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During the 1990s, Tomei made several television appearances.American film critic Rex Reed created controversy (and a minor Hollywood myth) – Tomei called the story "extremely hurtful." A Price Waterhouse accountant explained that if such an event had occurred, "we have an agreement with the Academy that one of us would step on stage, introduce ourselves, and say the presenter misspoke." This was borne out by the events at the 2017 Oscars, when La La Land was first announced as the Best Picture winner based on an error in handling the award cards and the real winner was eventually announced as Moonlight.After her Oscar win, Tomei appeared as silent film star Mabel Normand in the film Chaplin, with her then-boyfriend Robert Downey Jr. The following year, she starred in the romantic drama Untamed Heart with Christian Slater, for which they won the MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss.Tomei is equally fine as Mildred's younger, hot-tempered neighbor, whose raw working-class feistiness and bluntly profane vocabulary initially repel the genteel older woman." She received her first Screen Actor's Guild award nomination for Outstanding Female Supporting Actor for her performance.