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08-Oct-2019 10:37

Discard if unavailable Should the Community-Sift backends ever be not available ...

if it is ticked, Photon Chat messages will not be sent, leave unticked if you are okay with messages being returned unfiltered.

If your app requires COPPA or other compliance please contact the Community Sift team for a custom solution.

Find other options in the "Common Options" section.

It may struggle with usernames as they will show as misspells.

Read more about filtering policies in the "Policies in Detail" section.Every player starts at default and is given the same opportunity to express themselves when they join your community.Players that make positive contributions become trusted and are awarded with more open chat.Once saved the configured filter setup will be added to your Photon Chat application.

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Global cross platform chat as a service SaaS, Cloud with channel subscriptions for and publishing in channels, text and binary messages, history and more.… continue reading »

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I believe based on a conversation I had today that it's the final level of high school exams - so the equivalent of A Levels in the UK and I.… continue reading »

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