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With a concentration of kite schools in the area and the number of water sports enthusiasts from around the world, journeying to Le Morne in search of the perfect wave, make for a challenging ride dodging swimmers, snorkelers and other water-lovers as you go.

Pointe d’Esny A winter windsurfer’s dreamland, Pointe d’Esny offers incredible conditions practically throughout the year.

The Top Windsurfing Spots in Mauritius Mauritius rises out of tropical azure waters like an emerald gem, covered in volcanic peaks, thick tropical forests and vivid green sugarcane plantations that stretch as far as the eye can see.

It’s an intrepid traveller's dream destination with its multicultural heritage, fascinating history, unique sights and rich flavourful food.

And, of course, that’s before we even delve into the possibilities when it comes to outdoor and water-based activities, making it a prime location for active globetrotters.

If you are in search of the ultimate windsurfing destination, then this is it.

Belle Mare Characterised by some of the most outstanding beaches in all of Mauritius, Belle Mare, situated along the island’s untamed east coast, is as much a haven for windsurfers as it is for sun worshippers.

The crystalline azure waters of the massive lagoon provide an excellent playground for windsurfers of all abilities to enjoy blissful slaloming sessions, freestyle stints or freerides, with the occasional option to ride some small, manageable waves by the reef.

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A huge, pristine lagoon, laps perfect white shores, and enjoys easterly onshore winds.Best ridden in low tide, this magnificent spot is great for freestyle, slalom and speed racing, and it makes great learning grounds for beginners.Poste Lafayette Situated along the northeastern shore of Mauritius, the seaside village of Poste Lafayette has a wonderfully prime spot for kite surfers and windsurfers alike.Mauritius’ ‘winter’ months (May to October) tend to bring consistent, powerful winds to a sizable lagoon.

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With phenomenally flat waters, this is a great spot for beginners to practice a range of techniques and find their feet.The glorious expanse of turquoise waters allow for freestyle, slalom or freeride sessions.The wave riders will undoubtedly be drawn to the reef passes, but it’s important to be careful—these can be hazardous, especially for those who are not yet skilled to test them out.This notoriously challenging spot gained international fame in the 70s and has been a dream spot for surfers, kitesurfers and windsurfers since.