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That includes the TV, the DVD player, the toaster, the computer and even the alarm clock on my nightstand if I'm not at work the next day.

Saves me a bunch of money every month as these items all drain power.

Then, I give them a much less expensive popsicle from my own freezer.

It may take you a little longer to get where you're going, but this is the optimal speed for good fuel consumption. They can be great for making smoothies, muffins and other snacks and drinks that require flavor without needing the fruit to be in perfect condition.

The local charity will clean them for you, and you can just pop back in a week, buy the ones you want for a few bucks. It's easy to train a cat to jump up onto the seat and go into the toilet. They'll give you a full refund, and also put the "bad tint" on the sale shelf for a can, roughly less than the full price. If you get chilly at nights, slip newspaper pages between the sheet and duvet. Place a common house brick inside a plastic bag and seal it.

Just go in the next day and buy all your paint back! If you don't cut your own hair, the local barber shop or hair salon will gladly give you the cuttings from the floor. Repeat this seal with another bag, just to make it super water proof (you don't want brick corrosion).

If you're having trouble with money, seek out a partner that has a great financial head on their shoulders. And it helps the environment as well as your pocket!

Before I go to bed at night, I spend 10 minutes walking around the home unplugging everything that isn't in use.

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The last thing you want to do is buy an expensive present right before you go your separate ways. After a year, you will have saved hundreds and hundreds of dollars.

They usually have a stash in the lost and found section — say yours is black and small and they'll almost always have one. There's no shame in going through the neighbors' trash once it has been placed outside for collection.

It's public domain, and you can pick up some great things that other people just don't want or need any more. You can eat like a king for free on the bags of food they throw away at the end of the day.

I have picked up refrigerators, microwaves, desks, chairs, shelves and even TVs! Train tickets are also more expensive at rush hour. You'll work the same hours but save commuting cash!

Most of the time, the real weight from your broccoli, beets and other veg comes from the thick stalks and stems.As a writer for Wise Bread, I get a fair number of emails that actually offer advice, rather that asking for it. Usually, I will either already know about it, or feature it in an upcoming article.But occasionally I get stuff that makes me scratch my head.Some are obviously more absurd than others though, and remember, these didn't come from me.

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