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I clench my butt tighter and he moans as he feels the pressure around his dick. He is at his limit, grunting as he holds back so I can come first. Let it out inside." "You are missing something." His sexy deep voice is scolding.He is panting hard, moving one hand to my throat to force my head back. He lifts my hips higher, so much I am in the air only supported against the table and his body behind me. Fill me up with your cum." I can't repress a loud moan than echoes through the house, as I orgasm so hard I feel I'm going to faint.I'm blessed to have such a good son." "Come on, I feel like I do the bare minimum." "You are humble. If I didn't had to work so much, maybe I-" "That's okay, Dad," Henry walks to me and pats my head affectionately, as he's done ever since we were little."You know I love looking after Laurie." A tingling sensation runs in between my legs as he says this and the familiar sensation of getting aroused makes it hard to focus on my food.

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Everyone is busy on their phones or talking, so no one is paying attention. But he's heard me, and soon enough is arm is around my body, as if he is just securing me so I won't fall. He slides his hand down my back, in between my legs, careful not to lift the skirt too much, pretending to be leaning forward to rest on the seat in front of him just to get down enough for me.

He goes all the way in at once, as deep as he can, and holds it there for a few seconds as I tense and relax to get used to the pain. He is so much taller than I am and I have to stand on my toes to get on level with him.

This is so hard on my legs but I resist as he picks up the pace and thrusts into me faster.

Our mother had recently abandoned us for her lover and Dad was never home.

He was the only one I had and I never wanted anyone I loved to leave me again.

I just came really hard but I feel myself getting turn on again, wanting more. "I want to feel you again." "I don't want you to be late for class. "I can't tell if this is just a phase or if you are serious anymore." "You don't think I'm cute? We look pretty much alike, except he is so much more taller and broader than I am.