On line dating horrors

22-Apr-2020 08:48

Mister, when you're from Skid Row, ain't no such thing.

...prominently displayed and advertised, would attract business.

And there was this strange humming sound, like something from another world. Oh, while l'm here, l might as well take $ worth of roses.

Well, that's an unusual story, and a fascinating plant.

And now, Wink Wilkensen's Weird World, with your host, Wink Wilkensen. lt's Weird Wink Wilkensen, laughin' and scratchin' at ya.

l got a great show for you today with some wonderful weird stuff!

You're listening to radio station WSKID, home of the hits. High tomorrow should be in the low s with the low in the high s.

Finally, the Little Shop Of Horrors script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Rick Moranis and Steve Martin musical movie based on the play. ..an early year of a decade not too long before our own...

This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Little Shop Of Horrors. ..human race suddenly encountered a deadly threat to its very existence.

'' Six o'clock and we haven't sold so much as a fern!

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We went to school until fifth grade, then we split. ''...status quo ''Down on Skid Row ''Someone show me a way To get out of here '''Cause l constantly pray l'll get out of here ''Please, won't somebody say l'll get out of here ''Someone give me my shot Or l'll rot here ''Show me how and l will ''l'll get out of here l'll start climbing uphill ''And get out of here ''Someone tell me l still could get out of here ''Someone tell Lady Luck That l'm stuck here ''Gee, it sure would be swell To get out of here ''Bid the gutter farewell And get out of here ''l'd move heaven and hell To get out of Skid ''l'd do l don't know what To get out of Skid ''But a hell of a lot To get out of Skid ''People tell me there's not A way out of Skid ''But believe me, l've got To get out of Skid Row!

And I passed by this place where this old Chinese man....