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23-Feb-2020 13:47

Most of the traditions we associate with Christmas are actually not Christian at all, including decorating Christmas trees, singing Christmas carols, and giving Christmas gifts. In the Roman, pre-Christian era, years were counted from ab urbe condita (“the founding of the City”).Thus 1 AUC signifies the year Rome was founded, 10 AUC signifies the 10th year after Rome was founded and so on.

Many Christians might, however, be surprised to learn that the early Christians did not celebrate the birth of Christ (Easter was the main religious celebration).

The early Christians learned a lot from the Romans.

Despite what most people today think, the Romans didn’t really invent much – they just learned, adapted and incorporated.

This is almost certainly the origin of caroling, and there are occasional mentions of this tradition all throughout the middle ages.

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It was also a common habit for people to gather in groups and sing naked in the streets – really, these are the precursors of caroling.

As the first few centuries of the “AD” era passed, Christians wanted to attract more pagans into their religions, so they somehow attempted to incorporate Saturnalia into Christianity; the only problem was that it had absolutely nothing Christian in it, so they simply adopted its ending date (25th of December).