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*stabs bot *with*/* throws a \ at N~'s head *stink* N~ just cuz its called right guard dont mean you cant use it under your left arm! altruist A paranoid psychotic with meglomaniacal dellusions.*stop beep* *beep* *beep* *taco patriot* starts chanting "Gorditas.. action huggles bot* punches N~ in the ribs, enough of that crap ? alu Arithmetic Logic Unit am Administrative Module ama American Medical Association amacs AMA Collection System amandda Automated Messaging and Directory Assistance amarc AMA Recording Center, Automatic Message Accounting Recording Center amase AMA Standard Entry amat AMA Transmitter amatps AMA Tele Processing System amba Association of Master of Business Administration amc Add-on Module Connector (- SIPB) amd Active Matrix Display ameoba :amoeba: n.(now also avaliable for win95/98/nt users) Current version: V~ *where *download *darkbot* thinks that N~ should know by now that W~ is the place to get darkbot! *where am i* N~, you ' re in C~, on the Super Chat IRC Network *where are you from* N~, I'm from a full tower BSD/OS box that resides in *Brunswick, NJ. *windows* *98* Windows 98 is a browser stapled onto a graphical OS duct-taped onto an ancient character-based DOS with roots in the '70s. to drugs im a smart bot N~ :} *you male or female* N~, I have both male and female parts.

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