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There is also a program which could help you if you can not afford the full fee.

It's called the Deferral Program when you fill out the paperwork go to the filling windows located in between the Central Court Building and West Court Building and file the all the paperwork approval for the deferral program is done right there.

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The body must state the following: December 1, 2008 Ref: [person's name] To Whom It May Concern: The above captioned individual previously known as [person's name] has been on female hormones for purposes of transgenderization and is irrevocably committed to a gender change from male to female.

You will need to get at least one Certified Copy of the Order Changing the Name of an Adult, the cost is now .00 on the cover sheet of instructions for filling out the Name Change for an Adult states .00 and the Judge told me .00, but when I went to the family court window it was .00 and may go up in 2009.

My name change in court took about less than an hour and was granted.

I than went to the Social Security Department which was just down the street. I went to Arizona Department of Motor Vehicles with my Certified Copy of the Name change.

I filled out the new form and waited for my number to be called. I gave the lady the form plus my Certified Copy of my name change. Than the lady said do you want to change your gender, I said I thought I couldn't if I didn't have the operation, she stated are you on hormones I said yes, and she gave me the following: It was a regulation and it basically states you can change your gender as long as you get a letter from your physician who is treating you for transgenderization.Located in the Camelback Corridor neighborhood of Phoenix, Arizona, The Palms Apartments gives residents amazing views of nearby Echo Canyon Park with a location that is close to Camelback Colonnade, Arcadia, The Shops at Town & Country and Biltmore Fashion Park. This was a unique event, as Monk’s usual format was the classic jazz quartet of rhythm section plus sax, such as the landmark quartet he led starting in 1957 that featured John Coltrane on tenor sax, with Wilbur Ware on bass and Shadow Wilson on drums.The forms for the name change can be found on the Maricopa County.

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