Power and control wheel for dating relationships

02-Oct-2019 07:15

Here are some ways to get intimate without going “all the way,” whatever that means to you: If both you and your partner are comfortable and ready, you can consider sex but make sure you are on the same page about the type of sex you are ready to have.

While you can’t get pregnant from having oral or anal sex, there is the risk of getting an STD, including HIV (the risk of getting an STD is higher with anal sex than with oral sex).

In the end, sex is a huge step and using some form of birth control is extremely important.

If your partner isn’t willing to talk about safety and birth control, take that as a sign that they aren't ready to have sex and wait until you’re both to top So maybe you aren’t ready for sex just yet – that’s okay and totally normal!

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Here are some ways to help you and your partner begin the sex conversation:back to top If you’re having sex or thinking about having sex with someone of the opposite sex, knowing what birth control and STD prevention options are available and how to properly use them is incredibly important.

You can get free condoms here and learn more about your birth control options here.

Check out this video to see why couples that care for each other will put safety first.

Over half of all high school students are not having sex.

There are different types of sex, including fingering or hand jobs (hand-to-genital contact), oral sex (mouth-to-genital contact), anal sex (penis-in-anus intercourse) and vaginal sex (penis-in-vagina intercourse).The good news is there are many resources out there for you.Here are some steps to get you started:back to top The first thing to do is separate yourself from the person you think you’re abusing.Don’t forget that anyone of any gender or sexuality can be an abuser or a victim in a relationship (or both)to top Dating abuse comes in many forms.