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15-Mar-2020 10:32

The eating disorder cannot effectively be treated without treating the rest. A full recovery from the eating disorder may not be possible.

Reducing symptomatology in each area may be the best possible outcome.

Because you are aware of comorbidity, be open and flexible so you can work on whatever the patient brings you.

Some treatment facilities for eating disorders are not equipped to handle serious medical problems.

You’ll want to gain an understanding of the patient’s range of issues. In addition, physical complications, personality structure, and other kinds of impulsive behaviors complicate treatment, yet need to be addressed.

The eating disorder is the surface coping mechanism for all underlying mood and personality disturbances.

It takes time for the body to be affected, but once it is, the damage can be irreparable. For some, illness or injury is not enough to convince them to stop.

They’re trapped in a cycle that seems impossible to break.

Before you treat someone as an outpatient, make sure the person’s health is stable.

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