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Lilac, laburnum and philadelphus were classic shrubbery standbys.

But does anyone plant a shrubbery without underplanting these days?

There may be a better way of using shrubs on their own, but the landscaper’s route is not one I want to take.

I love to add bulbs and perennials – the layers of planting that make modern mixed borders so tempting for gardeners.

Like me, they were not entirely convinced by planning a shoulder-to-shoulder scheme of contrasting leaf colour.

Pearson said he did not like shrubberies merging into an amorphous mass.

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Shrubs on their own are too static for my kind of gardening.But in sunnier places on good soil, for me, shrubs occupy too much space to be worth growing.Although the Mediterranean maquis is the perfect example of an easy care shrubbery in the sun.Pearson also recommends using leggy shrubs such as buddleia and Rosa moyesii, or R.

omeiensis, emerging from layers of perennials and bulbs.Shrubberies were much in fashion in Jane Austen’s day.They enclosed walks on gravel paths and included ordinary plants that we now take for granted.Restraint is a characteristic of a Pearson planting, so I cannot imagine him using too many varieties in one eyeful. quercifolia in a “posh scheme” and Aesculus parviflora, the summer flowering buckeye chestnut, is a favourite shrub.