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I have no idea why he decided to leave, or even if he was in good health.Other friends say he did talk about suicide, but not the why of it.You wish you knew he was diving down that deep, past all logic and reason. You're not getting raped trying to gather firewood in Rwanda! Don't we see enough crying every night, watching the Iraqis get blown up trying to buy an apple?" But that's the thing about suicide; all that horror, despondency, emptiness, is all the same size once you cross that line at the bottom.He was so open in his truths that even when he confessed to his frustration with women, or politics, or life, he was so compelling and accessible, you listened and felt.He wasn't "playing" that quality, it was just there, real.

His comedy will live on in favorite bits the way "Who's On First?

On religious wars, "You're basically killing each other to see who's got the better imaginary friend." Comedian Richard Jeni took his own life yesterday.

If you don't know the name, well, that is the only reason I can think of he might have been despondent enough to do what he did.

Well, we know there aint no logic or justice in show business, and nobody forced you to get into it, and the worst day in show business is still probably more lucrative and comfortable than the best day in most other jobs.

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That's what most people hold on to when it's frustrating.He graduated with honors from Hunter College, earning a bachelor's degree in comparative politics.After graduating, Jeni went on to do public relations work, but was let go from five different firms in two years before doing an open-mic night in Brooklyn and deciding to pursue standup comedy as a career in 1982.On a blog dedicated to the search for truth, justice, and original thinking, it is only fitting to remember one whose life's work was dedicated to the same.