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14-Apr-2020 14:26

Glendon Crawford, the industrial mechanic who conceived the plan, has all the panache of a Macy’s shoe salesman; Eric Feight, a software engineer who helped build the device, looks like a less impish version of Kurt Vonnegut.But their harmless appearance belies their beliefs—Crawford was a member of the Ku Klux Klan, and the plot he hatched with Feight involved killing scores of Muslims, as well as officials at the governor’s mansion in Albany, New York and at the White House.To figure out how to change our current politics, it helps to learn more about our past.As a gringa living in Oaxaca, I think I am always sensitive to my privilege - But it is not true - I need to be reminded.To be white, it goes without saying, is to be at the top of the social heap.

Clearly, these were not the typical “Islamic terrorists” described in the boogeyman stories of American politicians who exploit fear for votes.

In fact, the residents of Oconomowoc, Waukesha, and many other towns with indigenous names all over Wisconsin are some of the most ardent defenders of a “traditional” vision of white America, and a sense of aggreivement over tax-supported anti-poverty programs they see as supporting black and brown people in the cities—not to mention the hot-button issue of illegal immigration.