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, the filmmaker stated that all of the surviving characters from the first movie would return for the sequel.

A lot has changed between now and then, with the director stepping down from the director's chair, while remaining aboard as a producer.

“It was the most physically demanding shoot, but we [along with co-star Charlie Hunnam, who plays former pilot Raleigh Becket] really felt like pilots during that particular scene.”Like most actors cast in action roles, Kikuchi underwent a rigorous training schedule.

For many months, she endured a boot camp of running, swimming, weightlifting and stick-fighting martial arts, the latter of which she enjoyed since she had practiced martial arts growing up in Japan.

Unfortunately, this image doesn't feature any of these actors actually working on the set, but it comes just a few days after another set photo featuring John Boyega surfaced.“I wore an armor suit where I was in a cockpit while driving the robot.It was similar to [riding] a rollercoaster; I was so scared,” says the 32-year-old.Since then, she’s made a number of movies, both Japanese and foreign, including 2008’s , her last english-language film where her character knew only three words of english, and the film festival favorite, Norwegian Wood, directed by Tran Anh Hung.

She recently finished shooting universal’s martial arts epic, , starring Keanu Reeves, due out in December. “I first met him when I was nomi- nated [for Babel] and met him through Alejandro in New York. It’s different from my roles in the past.”Indeed, .WHEN RINKO KIKUCHI arrives at the penthouse suite of the Gansevoort Hotel in the Meatpacking District of New York City, she’s dressed in an oversized sweater, leggings, a pair of Louis Vuitton sunnies, and Prada “Double Geta-Style” platform sandals in blue and black. Seven years after Kikuchi first graced our cover, right after her Oscar nomination for , and this time, for our milestone 10th anniversary cover.On the other side of the room, among the racks of designer clothes and accessories meticulously laid out by the stylist, is a near-identical pair of the Prada sandals, but in red and black. In 2006, Kikuchi was the newest ingenue in Hollywood.This project actually reunites , which hit theaters back in 2013.