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10-Oct-2019 18:28

According to media reports, Tang’s soaring popularity after her participation in ‘I Am A Singer 2” also placed tremendous pressure on Yoga.

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SOUR: When I'm with family, sometimes there will be instances where “sourness” (jealousy) comes into play.Compared to Tang, a lively and shining star, Kiki says away from the limelight and that was the reason why Yoga was attracted to Kiki.A simple lifestyle with Kiki also gave him a sense of belonging and give him thoughts of settling down, said Yoga.SALTY: Same as bitter – not salty to the point where I can’t put it in my mouth (figuratively)…actually, sometimes “salty” things taste better, a little more flavorful (again, figuratively). Sweetness and happiness are always closer and can be constantly by your side and you feel it more…but at the same time it is necessary to have other “flavors” to balance it out, to make life more eventful…plus, too much “sweetness” could cause diabetes…should have all 5 flavors to balance it.

SPICY: This type of “stimulation” is usually related to work…perhaps I’ll encounter some very “difficult” people at work….Esther Kwan shares her “Five Flavors of Life” BITTER: Depends on how you look at it!I’ve never experienced extreme extreme bitterness – only a slight bitterness.Earlier, when my son had to go to the emergency room, the physical and emotional toll, reminds of “salty” flavor…you just want it to end quickly and move on.

Photo Lollipop. Taiwanese singer Yoga Lin recently proposed to his girlfriend, Kiki Ting on Facebook, on Nov 29 Thursday. The pair who started dating in 2014, a year after Yoga high-profile breakup with Ex G. E. M Tang, will be tying the knot in 2017.… continue reading »

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