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Chapter Ten adumbrates the major Muscovite historical, legal, religious and national claims to the Kazan' Khanate, treated at length in his 1974 monograph, .

He argues that historians have neglected both Byzantine and Turco-Mongol influences in Muscovy because of their uncritical acceptance of the Kiev-Moscow continuity theory of the medieval Muscovite ideologues and their "neo-constitutionalist" emphasis upon "western" parallels to Muscovite political institutions.

Here, too, Kiev is treated as a foreign city, indicating that the problem of the Kievan inheritance had not yet been fully resolved.

Chapter Seven treats the well-known "Tale of the Princes of Vladimir" as an obviously spurious attempt to elevate the ideological significance of Kievan Rus', from which Muscovy claimed legitimacy, by projecting on to it Imperial Roman descent, titulature, and regalia.

TORONTO — Toys "R" Us's Canadian operations have found a safety net months after the retailer's demise in the U. EST, but court filings showed no bidders other than Fairfax registered an offer. The moves, said to be the product of heavy debt and the rising popularity of e-commerce and electronic-based toys, prompted disappointment from toy lovers and investors alike. "At the right price, it makes economical sense." When rumours suggesting Larian's bid had been rejected started circulating last week, he at first said it was "disappointing," but as more details about Fairfax's bid emerged, he appeared to have taken on a new outlook. Fairfax has not said whether it will vie for the U. operations, but the business, owned by billionaire Prem Watsa, has been on a recent spending spree.

The auction was triggered by a recent 0-million stalking horse offer Fairfax made that allowed others to make competing bids for the Canadian operations until Monday at 10 a.m. He and investors he refused to identify made a bid for the retailer's Canadian operations, which are run separate from its U. dealings, outside of the now-cancelled auction in March, calling Toys "R" Us's Canadian arm a "good business." "They run it efficiently, and have good leadership," he said.

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Chapter Four discusses ecclesiastical claims, notably the transfer of the metropolitanate from Kiev to Vladimir to Moscow, the canonization of metropolitans who died in Moscow, and Muscovite and Byzantine opposition to the fragmentation of the eparchy to satisfy Polish or Lithuanian aspirations for a separate hierarchy for the Orthodox populations of their realms.

That's what #Save Toys RUs was and is about," Larian said in a statement. stores When the campaign launched, Toys "R" Us's bankruptcy documents showed Larian was facing plenty of competition.

"In regards to Toys "R" Us USA, the fight to save it is just beginning." For Larian, that fight has largely centred on a crowdfunding campaign he launched on Mar. He chipped in 0 million himself, but as of Monday at noon, had only raised an additional ,000 from 2,043 toy lovers. Larian also vowed to give 10 per cent of proceeds from Little Tikes purchases made between the campaign's launch and its May 28 end date to the plot.

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bankruptcy court on Monday revealed the retailer will be cancelling an auction for its 82 Canadian stores and seeking approval on Tuesday to sell them to Toronto-based Fairfax Financial Holdings Ltd., which is involved in property and casualty insurance and reinsurance and investment management.

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Mar 15, 2018. After filing for bankruptcy last fall, Toys 'R' Us is reportedly working on a plan to liquidate its business entirely. In the wake of the struggling toy.… continue reading »

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