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02-Jan-2020 23:03

) My friend’s family joined him on a dependent visa, however the HR department got it all wrong and they were on a vacation visa which they had overstayed unknowingly (The visas are in Arabic so they did not know.) My friend discovered when he found a couple of sheets of Arabic in a pile of papers for him to sign, when he asked what the papers were he was told they were just routine papers and safe for him to sign.

Smelling a rat he found someone to read them for him and discovered that the letters were from him to the ministry taking responsibility for his family overstaying their visa as he had mistakenly applied for the wrong visa and could not understand Arabic so was not aware of the mistake until too late!

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We were introduced to a Saudi who said that he could take my wife home without problem for 8,000 SAR, payable on the day if we did not trust him which sounded good!Should you however want to leave the country without risking several weeks in a Saudi jail then there are ways to leave, however they do cost money!My wife was an illegal when we met, she had gone to Saudi years before and her sponsor had decided to move to Riyadh from Jeddah; my wife had family in Jeddah and did not want to move so her sponsor agreed that she could remain in Jeddah to find work under the “supervision” of the licensing officer who was looking after her passport and her Iqama.He had brothers that worked in the airport and it was they who would “check” paperwork before leaving the country and boarding the flight – he just had to ensure that he organized flights to correspond with his brothers duties.

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My wife and the other woman were nervous but everything went fine, they walked through the emigration checks without problem and boarded no problem at all.

There are many people working in Saudi Arabia who find themselves for one reason or another living there illegally and then wish to know how to escape from Saudi Arabia.