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Indeed, there is a sense that people respect and, yes, even admire each other for their achievements.Perhaps that is why we are lucky enough to produce male dancers representing the country in summer 2016 at the Dance World Cup as well as female cricketers who play county and national level.When I interview girls who would like to join us in the sixth form, having attended a single sex school, they very often talk about the prospect of working in a gentler, more tolerant climate of a co-ed school.So what of the argument, then, still trotted out that girls achieve more academically, particularly in the more “male” subjects, when not in close proximity to the boys?They may have a clutch of A*s and a first class degree but if they cannot meaningfully converse and communicate with male colleagues they will be at a huge disadvantage.Girls at Brighton College are always rather non-plussed when they read press reports about their supposed inability to thrive because they are sitting next to boys in class.Click a link and chat with someone living near Sydney now.

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After all, if girls do not learn to socialise with boys as children, what happens when they go out into the work place?I say all this from the point of view of someone who has been a teacher in both environments and, of course, there are many great schools which are co-ed and many which are single sex.But there is something, I feel, much more common to schools that educate both boys and girls and that something is kindness.All parents looking for a school for their daughter have broadly similar criteria in mind.