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Embattled SC Solicitor Dan Johnson accuses his opponent Byron Gipson of being controlled by politico Dick Harpootlian during a debate at Word of God Church and Ministries International in Columbia, South Carolina.

“I don’t recall the exact specifics of the conversation, but know I never threatened anyone,” he wrote by email on Thursday. “Just the constant perverted sexual thoughts,” he says, then mimes masturbating. Wolov moved to Los Angeles shortly after the Aspen festival, but “we were coming here with a bunch of enemies,” Ms. Gren Wells, a filmmaker who befriended the comedy duo in 2002, said the incident and the warning, which they told her about soon after Aspen, hung heavily over them both. Becky and took themselves out of the running for the many projects he was involved in. Wolov have found some success, but they remained concerned about Mr.A brawl at Eastover Mayfest spiraled into a gun battle in a church parking lot, resulting in the death of Lower Richland High student Amon Rice.

According to Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott, Rice himself was also armed during the confrontation. Another comedian, Rebecca Corry, said that while she was appearing with Louis C. on a television pilot in 2005, he asked if he could masturbate in front of her. Now, after years of unsubstantiated rumors about Louis C. masturbating in front of associates, women are coming forward to describe what they experienced. In the years since the incidents the women describe, he has sold out Madison Square Garden eight times, created an Emmy-winning TV series, and accumulated the clout of a tastemaker and auteur, with the help of a manager who represents some of the biggest names in comedy. K.’s statement: “These stories are true” ]After being contacted for an interview this week about the on-the-record accusations of sexual misconduct — encounters that took place over a decade ago — Louis C. “What happened to Rebecca on that set was awful,” Ms. Corry decided to continue with the show.“Things were going well for me,” Ms. But the original interaction left her deeply dispirited, she said, and was one of the things that discouraged her from pursuing comedy. K., which was obtained by The Times, saying he owed her a “very very very late apology.” When he phoned her, he said he was sorry for shoving her in a bathroom. Corry replied that he had never done that, but had instead asked to masturbate in front of her. Wolov said that with other allegations swirling around the entertainment world, they could no longer stay silent. As soon as they sat down in his room, still wrapped in their winter jackets and hats, Louis C. asked if he could take out his penis, the women said. “He proceeded to take all of his clothes off, and get completely naked, and started masturbating.”In 2003, Abby Schachner called Louis C. to invite him to one of her shows, and during the phone conversation, she said, she could hear him masturbating as they spoke. built a reputation as the unlikely conscience of the comedy scene, by making audiences laugh about hypocrisy — especially male hypocrisy.[ Read Louis C. “His face got red,” she recalled, “and he told me he had issues.”Word quickly reached the show’s executive producers, Courteney Cox and David Arquette, who both confirmed the incident. Wolov decided against going to the police, unsure whether what happened was criminal, but felt they had to respond in some way “because something crazy happened to us,” Ms. “That was a bad time in my life and I’m sorry.” He added that he had seen some of Ms. “I remember thinking what a repulsive person I was being by responding the way that I did,” he wrote. Schachner accepted his apology and told him she forgave him. He rose to fame in part by appearing to be candid about his flaws and sexual hang-ups, discussing and miming masturbation extensively in his act — an exaggerated riff that some of the women feel may have served as a cover for real misconduct. has also boosted the careers of women, and is sometimes viewed as a feminist by fans and critics. K.’s manager was upset that they were talking about it openly. “He leaned close to my face and said, ‘Can I ask you something? Corry said in a written statement to The New York Times. “He knew it was going to make him look like a good guy, supporting a woman.” Ms.