Sims 2 online dating mod

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Literally hundreds of household objects like couches, beds, refrigerators, telephones, and decorations are available to specialize the appearance and function of every room, and the residents interact with them in highly intuitive ways to satisfy their various needs.

Characters in naturally age through six distinct life stages which total approximately one hundred in-game days from birth to death from old age.

The PC version of is not only the first version released, but also the only one which enjoys access to free downloadable content, fan-made mods, and the record-setting seventeen expansion packs that have followed.

It retains the same concept of open sandbox-style gameplay and emergent storytelling found in its predecessor, albeit with a major overhaul of virtually every aspect of the underlying mechanics.

has the player taking omniscient control over a household and directing the semi-autonomous inhabitants in coping with their daily routines.

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To get it, simply open Origin, select the "Redeem Product Code" option from the menu, and enter the code I-LOVE-THE-SIMS.The six life stages include: - tiny newborns who cry when they're hungry, cry when they're wet, cry when they're bored, and occasionally spit up when they're not bored enough.Just like with real babies, sims often have to engage in a little trial and error to determine what an infant wants, but particularly neglectful parents may have their kids permanently removed by a social worker.The game was first released for the PC in September of 2004, with ports to multiple consoles arriving in late 2005.

Despite the fact that every version bore the same title, these console versions were heavily modified to suit the limitations of their respective platforms.- teenage sims retain a similar load of school work throughout the week, while expanding their social circle to include high school sweethearts and co-workers at their afternoon jobs.Much like real teens, they also really start to emphasize their individuality by choosing personal Aspirations that will shape the course of the lives.- the bulk of a character's life is spent as an independent adult pursuing a livelihood, friends, and family according to the whims of their lifetime Aspirations.