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Just remember to be respectful and you’ll be good to go. One more thing: We do our best to answer questions in a timely manner, but we can’t guarantee an immediate reply.(And we don’t answer questions that are already answered in the article you’re commenting on.) If you ask a question and need a response , we partner with San Francisco Sex Information (SFSI) to give you free, accurate, confidential info on sex and reproductive health.The virus can lay dormant for long stretches of time, then cause “outbreaks” at times of stress or illness.Now, the good news: There are medications you can take to make an outbreak go away faster.Their phone number is 415-989-SFSI (7374) and here are their hours.

First, the bad news: Once you have herpes, it will be with you for the rest of your life.We’re here to help you stay informed, but only a medical professional can advise you on personal health concerns.From erectile dysfunction to vaginal pain to depression to not dating Andrew Garfield, there are countless setbacks that can get in the way of a satisfying sex life. Because of this, many people don’t know they have it and may have trouble figuring out how or when they got it.