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If you're tired of the same old bar scene, there are a lot of other great places in Memphis to find a date.

Check them out below and please be sure to email me with your suggestions and success stories!

Organizations like Volunteer Odyssey help pair your with a volunteering opportunity that matches your interests, and also host monthly group Voluncheers events.

Whatever your cause, you are sure to meet interesting people.

Though these styles were not in the sense of mainstream, they were commercially recorded and are thus examples of popular music as opposed to folk or classical music.

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The 1960s and 1970s saw a number of important changes in American popular music, including the development of a number of new styles, such as heavy metal, punk, soul, and hip hop.

However, these important milestones still occurred entirely within the conventions of European music.

The first extremely popular minstrel song was "Jump Jim Crow" by Thomas "Daddy" Rice, which was first performed in 1832 and was a sensation in London when Rice performed it there in 1836.

In addition, a coffee shop is the kind of place where you can hang out by yourself; it is, of course, always easier to meet a potential date if you're not surrounded by a group of friends.

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To get started, check out this list of Memphis' best coffee houses.To help choose one that is right for you, read more about Memphis' top fitness centers.When you volunteer, you often work alongside other people who are just as passionate as you are.Though each program is different it basically works like this: Either men or women are seated at tables while the opposite sex rotates from one table to the next, spending a few minutes talking with each date.