Standards too high dating

19-Nov-2019 19:37

If everything else was fine up until the moment he asked you to cover your part of the bill, ask yourself if you could overlook this imperfection.Ask yourself what is most important to you and what you want out of the relationship.

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Being picky could be your own way of protecting yourself and making sure you don’t get hurt again. That’s a woman who is afraid of actually being in a relationship.” Have you been burned before? You’re Waiting for That Head-Over-Heels Crazy Chemistry Feeling Just like you can’t expect life to be an episode of , you can’t always expect an overwhelming, magical attraction akin to that of Edward and Bella.

Are you so focused on your path to the perfect guy that you can’t see the imperfect-but-perfect-for-you guy outside your blinders?

Gillian*, a recent graduate of Kwantlen Polytechnic University, is familiar with friends who have sky-high expectations and says seeing them pass up good guys is frustrating. that we completely overlook the wonderful people who are right there in front of us,” she says.

You might have turned down every one of their suggestions, and the ones who you didn’t turn down barely lasted half a date.

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Okay, maybe your friends have bad taste in guys or aren’t natural born matchmakers.Instead, put: “must be attractive to me.” Or, if you wrote that he must make a certain amount of money, it might be because you desire a guy who works hard to achieve his ambitions (in other words, no couch potatoes wanted! Instead, put “must be passionate about his career and have a great work ethic.” You will still have a list of what you want, just less stringent, which leaves room for a great guy to squeeze through! You Put Too Much Weight on the Little Things You’re out the second that he does something “wrong,” whether it is scratching his nose at the dinner table or finding out he used a Groupon deal for date.If his distaste for is an immediate deal-breaker, you might need to re-examine your priorities. Just like it’s important to know what you want, it’s also important to know what you don’t want.So examine your priorities, deal-breakers and expectations.