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Dott won two scrappy frames and another with an 80 break to lead 3-0.

Born in Helsinki to a Finnish mother and an English father, Hull is by a distance Finland's best player, and this has been the best of his eight professional seasons.

28, the same day police say Paddock checked into the Mandalay Bay hotel."I was ill. We can't control what someone does once they leave this store." Sullivan said Paddock had been a customer of Guns & Guitars for about a year, and in that time the shop sold him five firearms. Paddock fired into a Las Vegas crowd Sunday night in what sounded like automatic rounds.

It made me physically ill to think that we had interacted with him and he had committed such a tragedy," Sullivan said."Feel any guilt about what happened? "Just knowing that this may have been his last stop before heading to Las Vegas, does that make you feel some type of way? The ATF said Paddock had 24 guns in his hotel room, and 12 of them had bump fire stocks.

A wannabe children’s entertainer, she played a robot in the stage show of Noddy In Toyland in 2009 and also landed a minor role on stage in Fifi And The Flowertots.

He has defi nitely got the money.“But she still drives a little car and still works, even though they live in that big house.Blonde Lauren, who has performed in a number of kids’ stage shows, has been spotted lugging around cleaning supplies and a vacuum cleaner at homes near posh Ascot, Berkshire.According to a source, she cleans three or four fl ats with an older woman from the area and they advertise their services in the local press at £9 an hour.In December he won his third UK Championship, but it remains his only title of the season.

He has recently lost to two up-and-coming young lads, Mark Selby and Barry Hawkins, and not seemed too bothered about it.

"There's a broad consensus even among gun owners that people shouldn't have access to automatic-fire weapons. Banning these devices is a way of banning automatic fire weapons." Guns & Guitars tell CBS News it did not sell Paddock any automatic weapons, ammunition or bump fire stocks.

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