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If I'm really lucky, she'll still be sweaty and smell like she just got fucked.

I gotta confess my exgf used me as a built in babysitter while she was out whoring around.

As the sun began to set, we found ourselves quite inebriated and very very horny.

We had just settled down behind a low brick wall that ran adjacent to an empty driveway used by one of the university buildings.

We had spent all morning drinking mimosas during brunch, and the afternoon was spent walking around the local college campus (which is dead this time of year) finding little hidden places to smoke from our dugout and grope each other.

She even let me snap a pic of her flashing me earlier in the afternoon(She's a petite thing at 5'3, and has smooth young features.

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Unfortunately my phone died shortly thereafter, otherwise I would have had quite the photo-collage to go along with my story..I digress.And as he was sucking me, he began fingering my asshole. but the couple comes in then, and goes to the opposite side that I'm on. She stood up as I moved back, because the husband wanted me to cum, and I wasn't about to cum again... She reached her hand out for me, grabbed me by my shirt and pulled me against her and kissed me.Just the tip of his finger, but I scooted my ass off the chair to give him better access. About 3 others were watching this scene, and it turned me on. like I said, it takes me a while to cum and I just had gotten my balls drained 10 minutes prior. We made out pretty hotly and she turned to her husband and moaned "I want him" and turned around and bent over... I spread her cheeks and lined up my mostly hard cock at her pussy and shoved it in bareback. Stranger: M 23You: hi You: i am who you want me to be Stranger: I want a red head, a goth with a big ass You: f 19You: redhead, dressed in all black, my ass is a bit too big You: long black hair You: long red hair i mean Stranger: Pale,.My gf (a young and petite thing at 5'3") and I have never shy'd away from public displays of affection.

We've had sex on the edge of the top of a parking garage late at night while cars whizzed by below, we've groped each other and made out in the back of a dark club while drunken party-goers ogled us, but last night set the bar.

I had been there before, and knew it was good for a blowjob or handjob.