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26-Apr-2020 19:05

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In short, NZDating provides a comfortable, safe and fun environment for meeting others in your area from the comfort and safety of your home or workplace. or join for free now It's bigger NZDating has by far the largest number of New Zealand users of any dating sites - the more members, the more choice, the more likely you'll have a great time meeting new people just like you.

With standard dating precautions followed, NZDating members feel more at ease getting to know each other in this new social scene.

NZDating's been in the dating and romance business since 1998.

Recently I got overly annoyed with advertising websites thrusting their ads in my direction and though some ad blockers do a decent job they don’t always catch everything.

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I did some looking around and found multiple websites where people have compiled blacklists to block these sites. Just add the following to your host file and enjoy!# This hosts file is a merged collection of hosts from reputable sources, # with a dash of crowd sourcing via Github # # Number of unique domains: 27,091 # # =============================================================== localhost localhost.localdomain local broadcasthost ::1 localhost fe80::1%lo0 localhost # Custom host records are listed here. # Ad Away default blocklist # Blocking mobile ad providers and some analytics providers # # [General] lb. tracking. click. ads. stats. a. w ad. apps. ads. android. req. show. api.analytics. creative1cdn. admicro2. admicro1. s3. com com static. mobile. ads. hhbekxxw5d9e. adcontent. ads. ftpcontent. s0. banners. ads. images. images. oasc04012.2470.0.0.0 assets. ad. api. ad. i. cdn1. cdn2. medrx.au rs-staticart. adserver. c753738.r38.cf2. edge. ads. ads. b. m. cdn. com asotrack1. android-sdk31. apps. ads. ads. netdna. cdn. gts-ads. ads. ads. as. media. ads2. cdn. ads. mobiledl. ads. gemini.# [hosted on cloudfront] d3anogn3pbtk4v. d3oltyb66oj2v8. d2bgg7rjywcwsy.# [vserv.mobi] a. admin. c. ads. sf.# [pflexads.com] hybl9bazbc35. orencia.# [velti.com] atti. ru. mwc.# [celtra.com] cdn. ads. cache-ssl. cache. track.# [inner-active.mobi] wv. cdn1. m2m1.# [Jumptab] bos-tapreq01. bos-tapreq02. bos-tapreq03. bos-tapreq04. bos-tapreq05. bos-tapreq06. bos-tapreq07. bos-tapreq08. bos-tapreq09. bos-tapreq10. bos-tapreq11. bos-tapreq12. bos-tapreq13. bos-tapreq14. bos-tapreq15. bos-tapreq16. bos-tapreq17. bos-tapreq18. bos-tapreq19. bos-tapreq20. web64. web63. web65. bo. i.# [applovin] a. d. pdn.# [Mobpartner] go. r.# [Adinfuse] uk-ad2. go. ad1. ad2. sky. orange-fr. sky-connect. uk-go. orangeuk-mc. intouch. funnel0.# [mydas.mobi] cvt. lp. media. # [appads.com] neptune. neptune1. neptune2. neptune3. saturn. saturn1. saturn2. saturn3. jupiter. jupiter1. jupiter2. jupiter3. req1. req2. req3.# [yandex.ru] mc. an.# [tapad] swappit. campaign-tapad.s3. adsrv1.# [mojiva.com] ads1. ads2. ads3. ads4. ads5.# [inmobi.com] i.w. r.w. c.w. adtracker. china. japan.# [phluantmobile.net] mdn1. mdn2. mdn3. mdn3origin.# [smaato.net] soma. c29new. c01. c02. c03. c04. c05. c06. c07. c08. c09. c10. c11. c12. c13. c14. c15. c16. c17. c18. c19. c20. c21. c22. c23. c24. c25. c26. c27. c28. c29. c30. c31. c32. c33. c34. c35. c36. c37. c38. c39. c40. c41. c42. c43. c44. c45. c46. c47. c48. c49. c50. c51. c52. c53. c54. c55. c56. c57. c58. c59. c60. f03. f04. f05. f06. f07. f08. f09. f10. f11. f12. f13. f14. f15. f16. f17. f18. f19. f20. f21. f22. f23. f24. f25. f26. f27. f28. f29. f30. f31. f32. f33. f34. f35. f36. f37. f38. f39. f40. f41. f42. f43. f44. f45. f46. f47. f48. f49. f50. f51. f52. f53. f54. f55. f56. f57. f58. f59. f60.# [mojiva.com] img.ads1. img.ads2. img.ads3. img.ads4.# [mocean.mobi] img.ads1. img.ads2. img.ads3. img.ads4.# [Smart Adserver] akamai. cdn1. diff. diff2. diff3. eqx. im2. itx5-publicidad. itx5. tcy. ww129. ww13. ww14. ww234. ww251. ww264. ww302. ww362. ww370. ww381. ww392. ww55. ww57. ww84. www2. www3. www4.# [Mobclix] ads. data. s.# [Mdot M, Inc.] ads. cdn.# [Greystripe] ads2. adsx. c.# [Amazon] aax-us-east. aax-us-west. s.# [Hosted on Amazon AWS] admarvel.s3. html5adkit.plusmo.s3. inneractive-assets.s3. strikeadcdn.s3.# [Admob] a. analytics. c. media. p.# [Ad Whirl] met. mob.# [Doubleclick (Google)] ad-g. ad. googleads.g.# [Google] pagead. pagead1. pagead2.# [National Rail Enquiries, https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=nationalrail.google] events. survey. m.# [leadboltmobile] ad.# [MSN Ads, in Skype] com # [https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?This is far from the best result, so there must be room for improvements.

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