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05-Jan-2020 06:51

I'm planning on creating a video message for the site here, sometime in the near future.

It's been difficult to think about talking about Corey, it's still a loss that's with me, and I am at a loss, for what to say.

Corey's drive and ambition and "how he does things" was always in my mind whenever I worked on my businesses, kind of like having him sitting next to me, encouraging me on, through his teaching and from meeting and talking with him in person...have him taken away so soon, is a sad feeling, that I'll never be able to talk with him again at seminars, or to know that he's there in our corner, encouraging all of us to succeed.

I always remember his speaking in his first video from way back, onstage ...

Here's a 'Corey thought' for the day: I like to think of Corey like a modern-day Indiana Jones, he was both the teacher, the professor who taught us, and also the adventurer, who was the first guy to test out and experiment with new approaches, then tell us how to do it, to help our customers.

He was a genuine leader in this whole internet marketing arena, made such a big difference to me .. I trust Corey's whole approach, and it works spectacularly, and now I feel like a rug has been pulled out from underneath me, and it's hard to deal with.

People like Corey are very rare..for all whose lives have been touched by him, we consider ourselves very fortunate.

I wish Corey could've been with us for many more decades, as an inspiration and role model.

Thank you for setting up this site in honor of Corey. It is comforting to my wife and I to see the depth of how many lives Corey has affected.I know that Corey motivated me to be successful on the internet, as he did for so many of you as well, and I work to try and carry on, to apply all of what I've learned from him, to help others.Update Monday July 4th 2005 from Ken: I just received a touching memorial letter from John, Corey's father, and have posted it at the top of the site. Apologize it's been a few days since I've updated the site, will do asap with the most recent letters.he did things right, as your kind letters below give support to...