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It will soon be available on DVD and streaming services and will include a study guide for use in classrooms and group settings.“I was really relieved and happy after seeing the finished product,” says Ms.Cronin, who appreciated the fact that the film is ultimately driven by story and humor.

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What, one might ask, is a philosophy professor doing talking about dating? Cronin—who, in the interest of full disclosure is a friend—realized that her bright, achievement-oriented students were able to engage the big thinkers of the Western canon in the classroom on how to live a meaningful life or what kind of person they wanted to become, but had little experience outside the classroom tapping into the social courage necessary to bring those values into their daily lives.“Too many students let their vulnerability or fear of rejection rule their decisions,” says Ms. That lack of courage was reflected most acutely on campus in the hook-up culture that had largely replaced dating, an experience that students found satisfying in the short term but ultimately left them unhappy.

On April 17 Professor Cronin’s small social experiment hit the big screen with the release of “The Dating Project,” a documentary film that features Ms.

Cronin and her students as the foundation for an exploration of dating in college and beyond.

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Every year, freshmen in Boston College’s Perspectives Program read the great books of Western literature, covering texts ranging from Plato and Aristotle to Descartes and Kierkegaard.Produced by Paulist Productions, “The Dating Project” follows the stories of several Boston College students as well as single people in their 20s, 30s and 40s.The film has received extensive coverage from media outlets around the country and debuted last week on 600 screens at multiplexes nationwide as a one-time Fathom event.For more information about the vulnerabilities, see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) subsection for the specific vulnerability entry under the next section, Vulnerability Information.