The downside of internet dating

11-Jan-2020 22:35

These observations have been borne out in a new study by social psychologists collaborating across the country.The extensive new study published in the journal sought to answer some critical questions about online dating, an increasingly popular trend that may now account for 1 out of every 5 new relationships formed: fundamentally, how does online dating differ from traditional, face-to-face encounters?It also means that b) people may unknowingly skip over potential mates for the wrong reasons.The person you see on paper doesn’t translate neatly to a real, live human being, and there’s no predicting or accounting for the chemistry you might feel with a person whose online profile was the opposite of what you thought you wanted.“You can’t look at a piece of paper and know what it’s like to interact with someone,” says Reis.“Picking a partner is not the same as buying a pair of pants.” (MORE: Online Dating Enjoying a Boom Among Boomers) Making things harder, many sites now depend on — and heavily market — their supposedly scientific formulas for matching you with your soul mate based on similar characteristics or personality types.Stronger predictors of possible romance include the tenor of their conversations, the subject of their discussions, or what they choose to do together.

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“There is no reason to believe that online dating improves romantic outcomes,” says Harry Reis, a professor of psychology at University of Rochester and one of the study’s co-authors.

Everyone knows someone who met their spouse online.

Thumb down So what is the downside of internet dating? Is there one? Well, let's look at a few things which might help you decide for yourself. Too much choice! One.… continue reading »

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This article discusses the advantages and disadvantages of online dating and the search for the perfect date / mate.… continue reading »

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