Tips on dating a chinese man

02-Feb-2020 02:08

But it happened, and that caused me to do endless research on cross cultural relationships, experiences of white and black women dating Asian men, speaking to friends, reading articles on Chinese culture, speaking to both Chinese male and females on dating culture and culture in general in China that helped me gained a lot of understanding on my journey with this man.

So for the purpose of trying to generalise (which of course is impossible as everything said will vary depending on the individual) here are the deductions I have come to realise from my very short and narrow experience of dating Chinese men and Chinese dating culture.

Money- The guys will generally pay for everything, ranging not only from your dinner, but train tickets, locker tickets, shopping at the supermarket, little presents etc.

For Chinese men it’s very important to be able to provide for their partner, and generally have a DATE TO MARRY culture.

When he asked me why i didn’t buy anything, I said I didn’t like anything.

He commented that this was very good, and seemed impressed with my spending habits.

He even sometimes would watch me from a far or another room just doing my daily things, just to have an eye on me and keep those memories close to his heart.

Before my birthday, he would call all my friends to remind me that is my birthday and ask them to take me out and take care of me.

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accommodating students with dyslexia in all classroom settings

With this being said, I will try to calm down a little and talk about my own experience. It was unexpected and I myself never imagined I might end up falling for a Chinese man, not because of what I saw or heard, it just didn’t cross my mind.

Money making is a serious deciding factor for many relationships in China still, as the man prefers to be if not the same, higher earning status than his partner.

This is considered manly, without it, the guy is quite likely to feel not enough, insecure, emasculated.

I find that even black men love to jump on this bullshit stereotypes of Asian men, their endowment and love making, its just racism, racial prejudice all over for men having too much competition to deal with so they don’t want to cut Asian guys a fricken break in movies and give them the damn lead roles, and sex them up and hook them up with whoever damn it, coz let me tell ya.

Women who exclude Asian men from their partner list because of what they have heard, or their own prejudices, are MISSING OUT BIG TIME.He was also generous on my birthday, bought me a lovely watch, and I have to be honest, even though I do not agree with this, he spent A LOT on our dates together.I read in some places that some guys would even take loans out from their friends just so they can court the object of their affection properly.This can be due to the man’s inferiority complex, societal pressure, or pressure from family to list a few.

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