Town in brittany predating stonehenge

04-Apr-2020 09:16

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The highway east of Landivisiau was under construction and the detour signs to Morlaix disappeared, so it took me 1½ hours to drive 20kms.

But I passed through some lovely Brittany villages, actually many Brittany villages, and more farm machinery on the highway than you can imagine.

In use since at least 5700 BC, the site long predates Knossos, the Pyramids, Stonehenge and the great Egyptian temples of the same name at Karnak.

The megaliths form three distinct major alignments, running roughly in the same northeast–southwest direction, but each with a slightly separate orientation.

My drive assistant didn’t have Granite Rose (it did but took me to 787 in a town miles away) on its list of places and there was one sign indicating a direction.

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In summer, access is on guided tours – join one if this is your first exposure to the subject, or you may feel as though you’re simply staring at rocks in a field.

Two perplexing questions arise from these Neolithic menirs, dolmens, cromlechs, tumuli and cairns.

How did the original constructors hew, then haul these stones (the heaviest weighs 300 tons), millennia before the wheel and the mechanical engine reaches Brittany?

Every town had two names, one in French and one in Breton and there were so many, using a map and compass was impossible.

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But I finally made it just at sundown and some views of the pink, salmon and russet-coloured granite shore. On the north Brittany coast, this fortress town is full of mansions built into cliffs, beaches and coastal walks.

They have communities of fishers, farmers and artistic types CARNAC Megalithes.

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