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As a result, bent axles are rarely a problem with these hubs.Not all Freehub brands share this feature, which is covered by a Shimano patent.This tool is of vital importance for a bicycle tourist.After replacing the cassette, the lockring should be tightened until it is snug, but not tightened with gorilla-like force -- especially not if it may have to be removed on the road.Beginning around 1980, the Shimano "Freehub" largely replaced the conventional threaded rear hub.It is sad to lose the interchangeability that formerly existed, but these hubs work so well that they have come to represent the new "standard." If you're not sure whether your bike has a cassette Freehub or a thread-on freewheel, Due to the location of the bearings in most Shimano Freehubs, the axle is supported closer to the ends.This allowed any brand of freewheel to be mounted on any brand of hub.If you wore out your sprockets, or wanted different gear ratios, you could unscrew the cluster and install a new one.

This saves weight, but sprockets that come mounted on a spider cannot be interchanged except as a complete unit.

“However, it is important to note that this is still years away from potentially being available to patients and it is still vitally important that people continue to donate corneal tissue for transplant as there is a shortage within the UK.

Patrick Hardison, 42, received the most extensive face transplant ever, after suffering massive burns as a volunteer firefighter Mark Mahaney for TIME… continue reading »

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A human cornea has been produced with a 3D printer for the first time - a development which is thought could eventually help millions of people around the.… continue reading »

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