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Friends, my impatient wait for Travis Garland to become a proper popstar continues.

“Why Didn’t You Call” Producer: State of Emergency – Writer: Joanna “Jo Jo” Levesque 5.

Like if shecheated on you tell her you found out and you are over.

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Thankfully, we took tons of pics and video to go with our fond memories which will indeed last a lifetime!! Well, right off the bat there are some fashion rules which seem to be less official Royal etiquette and more Queen Elizabeth's old-fashioned taste, "like the fact that the Queen prefers women in dresses or skirts rather than trouser suits." Of course, what is official Royal etiquette if not the Queen's decisions?

Pr-pr-press PLAY on the pink (above) to see us sporting matching PJs with Momma Perez and Perez Jr.!

Today, the singer who almost became Disney’s Hannah Montana is back on the music scene with a free download of her new mixtape, Jo Jo has been sidelined with label disputes and legal trouble for much of the last few years and she says the struggle has taught her to fight for her identity as an artist.

I've been neglecting my duties as a music blogger but that stops now.

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Travis Garland at BET Music Matters As you may recall from the early days of this blog, I was a pretty big fan of the boy band NLT -- particular of its lead vocalist, Mr.

From his sensational se XXXiness on the beach in , LOLz! Even se XXXier than T-money's smooth-as-silk voice and the track's bold bedroom tempo is the way he looks chillin' on the beach with his beautiful babe!! Something tells us it won't take the ocean waves to get that lucky Oooo our body is STILL sensitive after singer/dancer Travis Garland sent SO many shivers down our spine at Perez Hilton's EPIC 35th birthday party!