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Olafur Eggertsson writes: "You should contact Thomas Bartholin in Copenhagen - he has the best corers, with prices from c.The margay is very similar to the larger ocelot in appearance, although the head is a little shorter, the eyes larger, and the tail and legs longer.It weighs from 2.6 to 4 kg (5.7 to 8.8 lb), with a body length of 48 to 79 cm (19 to 31 in), and a tail length of 33 to 51 cm (13 to 20 in).Unlike most other cats, the female possesses only two teats.The borers were developed in cooperation with the dendro laboratory of the Deutsches Archäologisches Institut Berlin (the German Archaeological Institute, Dr. Naturwiss, Im Dol 2-6, Haus IV, D-14195 Berlin) to be able to carry out samplings with minimal side effects.

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The undersides are paler, ranging from buff to white, and the tail has numerous dark bands and a black tip.At periodic intervals down the bit, holes should be drilled through the walls of the corer (ca. Mine were drilled in a pseudo spiral pattern of about 7 cm distance apart.Because one is coring dry wood, there is a lot of dust that can clog the corer and sample when drilling. Be sure to smooth the burr created when making theses holes.When you reach the end, twist the extractor so the sharp point will attach itself to the bottom end of the sample and pull. The only drawback is the need to return it to the suppliers for re-sharpening.